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The legal system can intimidate and overwhelm anyone — we’re here to help find the answers and create the solutions you need. Don’t let yourself get buried in details.  If you are in need of a Bankruptcy Attorney, reach out to schedule a free consultation. Vomastic Law Office is proud to help clients in Shawano and throughout Northeast Wisconsin, including Green Bay, Appleton, Waupaca, Oconto, and Brown County.


Chapter 7

Chapter 7, also known as liquidation bankruptcy, provides a debtor with a fresh start.  Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, most unsecured debt such as medical and credit card debt is wiped out. The debtor is allowed to keep their exempt assets and has the option to keep their secured property as long they continue making their payments.

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 is a similar bankruptcy to Chapter 13, which is only available to family farmers and fishermen. It allows the debtor to reorganize their debt in order to make repayment more manageable.

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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy, also known as a reorganization, allows the debtor to restructure their debt to make repayment more manageable. Debtors can file a Chapter 13: if they filed a prior bankruptcy in the last eight years, if they are behind on their house payments to stop a foreclosure, or if their income is too high to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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People often feel a stigma or a sense of shame when they start the process of filing for bankruptcy. However, bankruptcy is a great tool to utilize to get your finances back on track. To see if filing for bankruptcy is right for you, contact Vomastic Law Office today to request a free consultation. From the office in Shawano, Wisconsin, Attorney James Vomastic serves clients throughout Northeast Wisconsin, such as Green Bay, Appleton, Waupaca, Oconto, and Brown County.